Is plugging the road ahead?

No, we don't think so! Electric driving is currently growing strongly and will continue to do so for the time being. Charging options are everywhere. Will the sidewalk soon be full of charging cables?


See our demo on Youtube: Wifipowertransfer demo - YouTube


All parking spaces should be charging places

We see the future differently and think that every parking space should be an affordable charging place, without cables and plugs. Where your vehicle will automatically top up. WifiPowerTransfer offers an affordable universal wireless power supply for vehicles, but is also suitable for other applications in mobility and industry. Our technology uses a small magnetic field, creating a secure wireless power connection without sparks and the risk of electrocution. This solution is also suitable for, for example, long-term parking at airports and vehicles in standby mode such as emergency services (fire brigade / ambulance), drones and mobile robots. WifiPowerTransfer replaces plugs and cables (230 Volt). WifiPowerTransfer promotes security and convenience, is of very high quality and competitively priced.


  • Input: AC grid 230-250V / 550-5.000W
  • Output in vehicle: AC 230V / 500-5.000W
  • Coupler frequency: 85kHz
  • System efficiency: 85+%
  • Coupler size: A4-paper
  • Air gab: 150-200mm
  • IP-Rating: 67
  • Chemical resistant
  • Temperature range:  -20°- +50° graden
  • Protected against over heating
  • EMC-shielded
  • Good heat dissipation\
  • High impact resistance
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Stable & sleek design
  • Complies with standards: CE / EMC / EMV / ..

There is a lot of talk about fast charging, what about fast charging? A fast charging station (> 150kW) is very expensive. The investment is more than €100,000 per station. This makes a fast charging station designed for short charging cycles (max. 30 minutes). In other words, intended for on the road and not for long-term parking.  Compared to a home charging station which operate 25x slower (3-11kW) and are 50x less expensive (€2,000) compared to a fast charging station. Our product, the Wifi Power Transfer ONE (500 Watt / 0.5kW), fits on any socket and offers the cheapest solution. Contact us for more information.